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Foremost Furniture Assembler in the local area

Do you need help putting together your new furniture? At Ryan Furniture Assembly, we pride ourselves on being able to successfully assemble any piece of furniture you need in the local area. You’ll end up with an amazing piece of new furniture that you can proudly display in your living room, kitchen, or other part of your home. Get in touch with us through our booking form to let us take care of your furniture while you relax and let the professionals take care of your house furniture.

Quick & effective furniture assembly

If you’ve purchased furniture from retailers such as Ikea or John Lewis, the chances are that it will come as a flat pack. Struggling to put it together? Leave the hard work to us here at Ryan Furniture Assembly. We’re familiar with the assembly workflows of all major flat packed furniture, meaning your furniture will be set up in no time. Just give us a call to see how we can help you.

We assemble your furniture

Contact us now and we can advise you on the best way to build your furniture. We can handle all manner of projects, no matter the size. If you’re looking for recommendations or suggestions, our staff are always happy to work through the issues with you and help you out. Some of our customers have said that our staff, in addition to being friendly and approachable, are also some of the most experienced they’ve ever seen. Leave your new furnishings with us, and we’ll get them put together quickly and correctly.


Ryan was very professional and on time. He really knows how to work with Ikea merchandise. He built a hug closet and bedframe with a vanity and dresser. I appreciate you and all your work you did...
Daniel from Compton, CA.

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